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T.E. Markets was founded in 2019 and serves as both an investor and operator of a blockchain-based Exchange (ACEX) as well as several crypto-funded projects.

As an investment corporation, we are engaged in the business of investing the pooled capital of investors in crypto-financial assets through our own exchange. We focus our services and efforts on institutional investors and two key segments of the global population: ultra-high net worth and very high net worth individuals.

We pride ourselves as a premier investment corporation in Sub-Saharan Africa because of our ability to generate premium returns in the market through well-vetted projects and structured investments on the ACEX.

It is our vision to help in re-writing the story of Africans that has enabled us to become a multifaceted organization spread out in several countries in Africa with projects in South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya, and seeking prospects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

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ACEX is presently a cryptocurrency platform that affords users easy and smart access to buy, sell, and pay with crypto. In the coming months, this exchange will be a digital finance hub for Forex, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices investors. Hence ACEX will be a one-stop-shop for the trading of varieties of commodities and financial instruments from Forex CFDs, to Cryptocurrencies, to stocks and indices, and to the payment of goods and services using our ACEX crypto debit/credit card. ACEX already allows multiple listing of products by small, medium enterprises, and large corporations that would like to have their value traded across the African continent and beyond. ACEX was launched on 17th December 2021. Our customer base is broad and deeply rooted across the continent. Already, over 20,685 people are subscribed to ACEX from across the African continent. About 15,709 people are actively engaging in the ACEX Telegram community. It is noteworthy to say that ACEX is the first-ever consolidated exchange created on the African continent. ACEX’s primary focus is on Africa first, then investors globally. ACEX creates a paradigm shift in the trades industry by unifying trade across borders through creating a one-stop shop for all tradable assets.

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T.E Global Payments Solution

Provides cutting-edge payment solutions fulcrum around crypto, delivering efficient and seamless services at competitive rates, enabling clients to move money easily and securely. TGPS has running crypto debit and credit visa cards; the ACEX crypto card which makes crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto transactions easy and accessible. TGPS has already established contracts with 200 merchants and is looking to do the same in all key markets in Africa and globally. The merchants have an autonomous agency and earn commissions.

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TE Properties

This is a real estate and properties business based on the concept of tokenized real estate and fractional ownership. T.E. Properties was established to provide unique opportunities for secured investments in real estate at every level. One can invest by either outright purchase or fractional ownership of the different real estate units we have from residential, commercial, retail and mixed-use properties globally. The first and second phase of this project is ongoing. Investors have staked their TEMCOIN on this project and are positioned to earn up to 45% dividends on their investments. The first phase was sold out in just 20 minutes with the second phase being sold out in less than 24 hours. The project has property interests in Dubai, South Africa, and Kenya. With TE Properties, anyone can participate and earn in the real estate sector.

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T.E Micro funding establishes joint venture partnerships with existing microfinance players in Africa, whose businesses offer support loans to low-income individuals and businesses. Clients will mainly be from the informal sector and who are pursuing sustainable transformation to promote the economic and social transformation to promote economic and social development across developing communities in Africa.

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XTEM is a utility coin designed for the payment of goods, services, and settlement of transactions on the African Consolidated Exchange; ACEX. The XTEM is also used for Crypto Staking in our other operations - real estate, micro-finance, the payment gateway as well as mining, beneficiation, and exploration. The XTEM seeks to provide a safer and more secure digital payment facilitation in Africa and beyond!

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TE Capital

TE Capital Limited is a venture capital firm that has been providing venture capital to Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) that are pursuing contracts from Government departments & municipalities, and startups.

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Work with you to address your most critical business priorities.

  • Profit Benefit

    We are a profit-oriented company that offers over 10 opportunities for our clients to make profits and are committed to all those who conduct business with us; Our clients, affiliates, and partners. We hold their work and profits ambition in high esteem and do our best to ensure they achieve the best return on their investment.

  • Make Business Easy

    We adopt and implement distinct standards for all our products and services that ensure the best customer experience and professionalism.

  • Integrity

    We practice high ethical standards in the delivery of our services to all our clients and partners.

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