T.E. Markets was founded in 2019 and serves as both an investor and operator of a blockchain-based Exchange (ACEX) as well as several crypto-funded projects.
As an investment corporation, we are engaged in the business of investing the pooled capital of investors in crypto-financial assets through our own exchange. We focus our services and efforts on institutional investors and two key segments of the global population: ultra-high net worth and very high net worth individuals.
We pride ourselves as a premier investment corporation in Sub-Saharan Africa because of our ability to generate premium returns in the market through well-vetted projects and structured investments on the ACEX.
It is our vision to help in re-writing the story of Africans that has enabled us to become a multifaceted organization spread out in several countries in Africa with projects in South Africa, Zambia, and Kenya, and seeking prospects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.